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Crew Member

New part time staff members wanted to join our Zaptastic team!

We are looking for bubbly, outgoing and confident individuals who can deliver exceptional customer service. We’re looking for people who can work weekday evenings and weekends please!

Duties and responsibilities will include: 

  • Preparing the Laser Quest equipment ready for game play
  • Demonstrating how to play Laser Quest and safety rules
  • Marshalling game sessions
  • Fixing basic pack problems
  • Dealing with customer enquiries face-to-face and over the phone
  • Taking bookings face-to-face or over the phone
  • Regular cleaning duties
  • Enforcing the centre rules of engagement
  • First Aid (If trained)

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Party Hosts

We are looking for bubbly, outgoing and confident individuals To host birthday parties booked at the centre and deliver exceptional customer service!

Duties and responsibilities will include:

  • To meet and greet the Birthday Party group upon their arrival and ensure you are always available to answer parent’s queries / questions relating to their party from the moment they arrive to when they leave. Make sure you are attentive and make the effort to ensure the parent(s) are catered for as well as the birthday child(ren).
  • Birthday party groups are not going to be familiar with how a Laser Quest party works, you must ensure you always inform the birthday child’s parent(s) of the Laser Quest party experience on arrival, explaining the game, break in-between, food service and any other aspects that they may not be aware of.
  • To single out the Birthday child upon arrival with a positive, cheerful attitude, always ensure that you make the birthday child feel special, (After all its their big day)
  • To offer your assistance to the parent(s) with preparing the cake, lighting candles, serving cake and food.
  • To liaise with kitchen staff for food timings, in case games over-run or there are delays – always ensure smooth running of parties by being efficient with timings, etc.
  • To encourage the other children to sing happy birthday by singing the song when carrying the cake to the table. (If requested to do so by the customer)
  • To clean down tables, chairs (if necessary) hoovering surrounding floor area and re-setting table with jugs of squash, plastic cups, napkins and paper plates (if required) ready for next party.
  • To fill squash jugs (equal numbers of orange and blackcurrant) and always making sure you have enough filled in advance – (using quiet periods to fill squash jugs) to prevent delays.
  • To inform Duty / General Manager if stock levels of paper plates, plastic cups, serviettes, Birthday gifts or any other birthday party related stock becomes low, and to complete a weekly stock-check which is given to the General Manager to order supplies.
  • To keep the party zone clean and tidy at all times and re-setting the area at the end of each shift ready for the first party the following day.
  • As part of your role as a party host you will be required from time to time to assist in using the LQX software (games PC) to pre-enter groups/game sessions and run games.
  • You will be expected to answer customer enquiries either face to face or over the phone (If trained) and make future bookings using the online booking system.
  • It is important to report positive or negative customer feedback to your Manager so we can strive to improve our party experience. Birthday Parties are our core business, its essential that we deliver a good service.

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